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14th-Aug-2009 01:10 am(no subject)

wow. its been a long time since ive uploaded some icons. i've made LOADS. seriously. check it out.
textless icons are not bases.
comment and credit to shelby_face.

kai2copy2.jpg image by vuittonisglam2blicon3.jpg image by vuittonisglam2rp2.jpg image by vuittonisglam2normal_JS8711copy2.jpg image by vuittonisglam2
jdepp3.jpg image by vuittonisglam2def6ocopy2.jpg image by vuittonisglam2ZIB70001213copy.jpg image by vuittonisglam2DarkKnightWallpapercopy.jpg image by vuittonisglam2
pineapplesmallcopy.jpg image by vuittonisglam2blondieicon3.jpg image by vuittonisglam2jett7copy.jpg image by vuittonisglam2shelsilversteinhug2scopy.jpg image by vuittonisglam2
rp4.jpg image by vuittonisglam2normal_257269bcopy.jpg image by vuittonisglam2phrase19.jpg image by vuittonisglam2bailey04copy3.jpg image by vuittonisglam2



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11th-Aug-2008 03:41 pm(no subject)

loads of new icons. enjoy! :)
as usual, comment & credit. 
textless icons are not bases.

ooh and two banners

cb26.jpg image by vuittonisglamdh5.jpg image by vuittonisglamjohnnyyellowtint1.jpg image by vuittonisglamjd3.jpg image by vuittonisglam
batmannn5.jpg image by vuittonisglamTMNT2.jpg image by vuittonisglamnp14.jpg image by vuittonisglamaw1.jpg image by vuittonisglam
db1.jpg image by vuittonisglamjunoicon6.jpg image by vuittonisglamHARRY_POTTER_SORCERERS_STONE-1474co.jpg image by vuittonisglammbbmjkcopy.jpg image by vuittonisglam

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